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The Newest Trend for Lawyers: Unbundled Legal Services

Money is tight and nothing feels worse than a surprise demanding a draw from your savings account. This is especially true when that surprise is a sudden break up or a change of pace regarding children. We always hear the saying “no one ever wants a lawyer” and there’s a lot of truth to that. However, everyone has a legal question to be answered. And if the traditional role an attorney has (cue thousand dollar retainers and novel sized invoices) is the legal service available, there’s a huge gap in need! But there’s good news. Nowadays, legal services are getting cut to size and you can benefit from an attorney without the huge financial commitment.

I present to you, unbundled legal services.

When making a decision we like to balance two things: (1) what or how much work can we realistically do ourselves, and (2) how much money we can pay someone else to do it. Our answers can vary greatly depending the factors in our balancing act. Let’s use a divorce proceeding for example.

It is true that you can get divorced without an attorney. If all goes well, the proceeding would cost filing fees and any expenses relating to valuation, advice, mediation, or the like. It would also take a fair amount of work to gather and complete necessary documents, inventory and calculate expenses and assets, and negotiate at length with your soon-to-be ex-spouse...all while managing your day-to-day. We can task certain parts of the legal process to an attorney, ala carte if you will, to offset the time and emotion involved.

Here is an example using the unbundled legal services Sunshine Legal currently offers.

Case Coaching or Q&A: Individuals arrange a time to sit with an attorney to discuss details of their case. It is important to bring any documents related to the case along with a list of questions they have for the attorney. If you are not a great note taker, we suggest you bring someone who is.

Document Preparation: Some people start their court case but are unsure what is their next move is. For these folks, an initial meeting is scheduled with an attorney to determine what documentation is proper to move your case along. The attorney creates the documents for you and gives you instructions on filing it with the court.

Court Appearances: Many shiver with the thought of talking with judges in a courtroom. You can retain an attorney to appear in court or settlement with you.

Negotiations: Life is easier through an agent. You can work with an attorney to speak your wishes to the opposing party and work to get the best results. Maybe you haven’t come to agreement on a parenting plan or dividing property and need a voice. This would be a great option for you.

I hope that this information tames your fears of ever needing a lawyer. Lawyers are a lot more accessible these days and can work with you to meet your legal goals. Speak with an attorney about unbundled legal options and get relief sooner than you thought possible.


This blog discusses only general information about family, elder, estate planning, or probate law in New Mexico and is not legal advice. No information derived from can create an attorney-client relationship. No attorney-client relationship exists unless there is a signed writing by the client and Sunshine Legal or representative.

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