August 21, 2018

What is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce?

The short answer? Very little.

The process to legally separate or to obtain a divorce are virtually identical. Both processes require filing a petition, assessing your marital assets and debts, dividing sai...

You have a long term partner, maybe a kiddo or two. You’re likely at that point where the savings account is reaching new heights and work signed you up for something called...a 401K? Whether you’re reaching new financial heights, you purchased real estate, or started...

There are many ways for someone to receive legal services without putting up thousand dollar retainers. Speak with an attorney about unbundled legal options for your matter.

In all New Mexico family law proceedings, the court will issue a Temporary Domestic Order, or TDO, upon filing of your petition.

What is a TDO, you ask?

A TDO is a court order spelling out what you (and the other party) can and can't do during the course of your lawsuit....

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